Our history

Our collective company history equates to a hundred and seventy years, our Lesotho business alone having been in existence for over ninety years. The history of our business began long before the group was founded in 2012, with the initial acquisition of CAS Sales and Distribution in Botswana, a business with unparalleled infrastructure established over forty years, that the group derived its name from.

Acquisitions from this point were founder / owner run businesses with deep in-country roots and long-standing relationships with major multi-national manufacturers, some of up to 30 years. Entrepreneurial leaders with intimate knowledge of their markets and the FMCG landscape. This pioneering spirit remains a core group value.

The group strategy remains sustainable organic and acquisitive growth, combined with new service offerings by existing businesses. Our product portfolio represents leading brands across the region and we’re privileged to be trusted by our clients to manage their brands and build their market presence in country and across the region.