Botswana’s premier provider of accredited vocational training.

Kalahari Training Institute (KTI) is registered and accredited with the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). Our 100 + modules are custom made to address our customers’ specific needs. Our courses are realistic, practical and adaptable to different needs. KTI now also offers a vast library of on-line courses.

Select from Self-paced online or Tutor-led courses.

Self-Paced Online Courses | Available online at your convenience, these courses include, pre and post course assessments, video sessions, course manuals, case studies and email access to a trainee tutor for queries and assistance. Once the trainee logs in they can complete the course at their leisure.

Tutor-Led Online Courses | These are carried out at specific scheduled times over an agreed period for your convenience and in compliance with the number of notional learning hours for the course, a BQA Accreditation requirement. The courses include pre and post-course assessments. PowerPoint presentations and videos are used, and course manuals emailed to each trainee as well as available online. In between the live tutor-Led sessions trainees will be given case studies and assignments to work on, individually and in the interactive discussion rooms.