Industry specific software solutions to help get your Consumer-Packaged Goods to market quicker and more effectively. We focus on the entire value chain to ensure you have complete line of sight of your stock, sales and customers at every link of the chain.

In a market where margins are tight and competition is tough, returns on Investment and optimisations gained through digitization and automation makes a massive impact on customer & employee experience

MACmobile Solutions’ offering encompasses every aspect of the supply chain, delivering a single version of the truth from manufacturing to consumer sales in the formal retail sector and to the merchant in the main market. By optimizing the value chain and leveraging supply chain intelligence companies can move towards true just-in-time manufacturing and logistics. MACmobile provides a variety of integrated technologies centred around achieving optimal efficiency, as well as the advantage of better-informed decision making to the manufacturer and their value chain.

The business has nearly two decades of learning in the mobile sales force automation space and are trusted by some of the largest brands in the world to deal with regions deemed most difficult to manage and succeed in. Adaptable and versatile, solutions are designed for and with clients to encompass everything from sales and invoice generation to stock management, settlements and debtor management, B2B and consumer loyalty and rewards, as well as integrated mobile payments.