The CA&S Group Board Members

The board has 10 directors, comprising eight non-executive directors and two executive directors. The board has the ultimate responsibility of setting the group’s strategic objectives with a focus on value creation, risk management, and promoting the interests and expectations of stakeholders.

Duncan Lewis

Executive Director

Appointed on 9 April 2019
Duncan began his career in industrial marketing. He joined Pack ‘n Stack in 2003 and was appointed CEO in 2013. He has a deep knowledge of the workings and challenges of the FMCG industry and competitive landscape and excels in developing and executing strategies that drive market differentiation, sustainable growth, and profit, leading to increased shareholder value.

Frans Reichert

Executive Director

Appointed 30 June 2020. Frans has held the position of Chief Financial Officer of the CA&S Group since 2018 and has been in a financial management role in the group since 2012.

Johan Holtzhausen


Appointed 8 December 2011
Johan has been involved with numerous listings, mergers, and acquisitions, cross-border transactions (including most SADC countries), and prominent B-BBEE and private equity transactions in South Africa and abroad.

Blackie Marole

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 7 November 2017. Blackie spent 21 years of his career in the civil service where he reached the highest post in the Ministry of Energy, Water and Minerals Resources as its Permanent Secretary. He was also the CEO of Debswana and provided oversight as director and/or chairman of various national and international boards.

Shiellah Moakofi

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 30 June 2020. Shiellah has had various roles in public relations. She is currently working as Corporate Communications manager at a company in Botswana whose mission is to drive regional socio-economic development.

Elias Masilela

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 7 November 2017. Elias currently holds various positions including executive chairman and director. Previously he held various senior positions including chief executive officer of the Public Investment Commission, director of the South African Reserve Bank, and deputy director general of the South African National Treasury.

Badal Patel

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 6 November 2014. Badal has over 16 years of extensive business experience ranging from banking, mergers and acquisitions, investment management, financial analysis, audit and assurance, and business and compliance consulting.

Bridgitte Mathews

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 1 January 2023. Bridgitte is a qualified chartered accountant and holds a postgraduate certificate in advanced taxation from the University of South Africa. Currently, Bridgitte consults on, inter alia, company secretarial and regulatory requirements. She serves as an independent non-executive director on various boards.

Leon Cronje

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed on 2 September 2019. Leon served in managerial financial positions since 1983. He retired as CFO of Pioneer Foods in 2015 after serving in that position for 16 years. Since then, he served as an independent non-executive director on numerous boards.

Jean Craven

Alternate Director

Appointed 17 April 2012. Jean has more than 18 years of experience in building and managing commodity trading businesses at leading South African financial institutions.

Frans Britz

Indep. Non-Executive Director

Appointed 8 December 2011. Frans has been the financial director of JSE-listed companies and involved in FMCG-related businesses for more than 17 years. He was an executive director of the CA&S Group for seven years and was the CEO during the last two years before he retired as executive director and continued as a non-executive director of the group.

Bernadien Naude

Company Secretary

Bernadien joined CA&S Group in 2017 as Financial Manager and was appointed Company Secretary in 2022. Bernadien has 19 years of retail experience.