With over 15 years of experience in the sales force automation environment, MACmobile is trusted by some of the largest brands in the world to deal with the regions deemed most difficult to manage and succeed, something we have done with flying colours.

MACMobile takes pride in our adaptability and versatility. Our solutions are designed with specific users in mind, those that must operate in the most technologically unfriendly regions.

Our solution encompasses everything from Route to Market Distribution, Sales & Operations Management, Customer Engagement, and Retail Execution within the Consumer-Packaged Goods and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods market.

Our footprint covers over 80% of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa with a presence in all major centres in 16 countries. Local knowledge, understanding, and customer relationships combined with regional connectivity and shared collective expertise give MACmobile a powerful competitive advantage in the region.

With 2 regional offices, and hundreds of installations across Africa, MACmobile enables its customers to seamlessly adopt new technologies, automate their supply chain and provide order-to-invoice generation.

MACmobile collaborates closely with its customers and business partners in 16 countries to accelerate its business performance.

MACmobile Solutions’ offering encompasses every aspect of the supply chain, delivering a single version of the truth from manufacturing to consumer sales in the formal retail sector and to the merchant in the main market.

By optimising the value chain and leveraging supply chain intelligence companies can move towards true just-in-time manufacturing and logistics. MACmobile provides a variety of integrated technologies centred around achieving optimal efficiency, as well as the advantage of better-informed decision-making to the manufacturer and their value chain.

The business has nearly two decades of learning in the mobile sales force automation space and is trusted by some of the largest brands in the world to deal with regions deemed most difficult to manage and succeed in. Adaptable and versatile, solutions are designed for and with clients to encompass everything from sales and invoice generation to stock management, settlements, debtor management, B2B and consumer loyalty and rewards, as well as integrated mobile payments.


A mobile application and web-based field force automation platform that enables your Trade Marketers, Sales, and Field Force to interact with customers, create orders and deliver clean net invoices in-trade every time.

Integrate mobile payment platforms within the entire supply chain to ensure safe, timely, and reliable monetary transactions between the FMCG manufacturer, distributor, and merchant.

Loyalty is achieved through positively rewarding behaviour. FIELDLoyalty assists the supply chain to identify key performance indicators through each stage, mapping the behaviours that require a change to the desired rewards.

Digitise your in-trade promotions and activations with FIELDPromote. Provide interactive consumer engagements via mobile devices while tracking winners, ensuring optimal use of promo kit, and providing comprehensive reports and stats to evaluate all promotion elements.