The CA&S Strategic Leadership Team

CA&S Group is a well-established company. Its leadership team has extensive experience and expertise in the FMCG industry, this includes any underlying business segments within the industry, and with proven track records across Southern Africa. The team comprises the Managing Directors of the respective businesses within the Group and is led by the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

Duncan Lewis

CA&S Group

With a wealth of African and global experience, including over 22 years in FMCG, Duncan headed up PnS before being appointed Group CEO in June 2019.

Frans Reichert

CA&S Group

Joined in 2012 and has been involved in the FMCG business for over 12 years. Currently CFO.

Claude Hassett

CA Sales & Distribution

CA Sales & Distribution Managing Director (27 years in FMCG)

Jan Bouwer

Wutow Trading

Acting Managing Director for Wutow Trading. (10 years of leadership experience within Wutow)

Anthony Geldard

Logico Unlimited

Logico Unlimited Managing Director (26 years in Logistics and FMCG)

Herman Smit

SMC Brands

SMC Brands Managing Director (21 years in FMCG)

Glenn Brauns

PnS Group

PnS Group Managing Director (26 years in FMCG)

Chetan Gopal

Bullred Distribution

Bull Red Distribution Managing Director (17 years in retail FMCG)

Vikas Mehta

Smithshine Enterprises

Smithshine Enterprises Managing Director (over 15 years retail experience)

Andrew Dawson


MACmobile Managing Director (20 years retail experience)