Annual Retail Trends 2021

Retail trends are driven by the macro environment, most directly the state of the economy, prevailing social conditions and the rapid evolution of technology, a key enabler of retail evolution.

The advent of Covid-19 precipitated an unprecedented global re-set as safety soared to the number one shopper priority for a period. This hugely accelerated e-commerce, including FMCG, and fast-forwarded retailer plans to develop or evolve their digital platforms and the distribution capabilities to service the demand. Responses included low-tech M-Commerce on SMS and WhatsApp for drive-through collection from stores to website Click and Collect and delivery services, as well as customised Apps. As the virus wreaked havoc on livelihoods and unemployment spiralled Value trumped Safety and continues to be a strong driver in shaping retail in Africa. The centre of power sits with the shopper as the world shrinks around us and you can shop for anything from almost any digital platform, anywhere and pay simply, easily and instantly. Then you can wait for it to be delivered from down the street or the other side of the globe, without leaving your home.

Download the Annual Trends document to see which are, in our view, the ten biggest trends in retail right now, with many of them inevitably overlapping.