Warehousing & Distribution

The CA&S Group has an unparalleled distribution network across Southern Africa with group companies closely collaborating to take brands beyond borders.

With excellent storage solutions and an extensive distribution network, CA&S clients are guaranteed consistent service delivery and peace of mind that their products are safely stored, maintained, and readily available for distribution throughout the region.

Retail Execution

We partner with leading global and local brand owners, of the world’s top 200 most loved consumer brands, to grow their brands by increasing their market share and volume from the formalised trade right through to the main market.

We build on-shelf visibility, optimising brand positioning, flow, and shelf health. We implement category flows and ensure sufficient stock is on hand, readily available, and replenished. We assist in the maintenance of retailer systems, drive sales, taking and placing orders, where we are able to do so. We have deep local channel knowledge and established, respectful retailer relationships at all levels.

Strategic Retail Advisory & Partnerships

The Group is a team of industry experts & practitioners with extensive experience across multiple functions – from the retail and manufacturing industry alike.

We assist brand owners to develop end-to-end route-to-market strategies to unlock brand and business potential. We also assist with key account management, category plans, and run capability training. Services include data analytics, specialist retail recruitment services, and regional and global expansion support.

Retail Support Services

The CA&S group offers retails support by running shopper marketing campaigns and brand activation at the Point of Purchase (POP)

Expertly trained and mentored sales-oriented staff are immersed in clients’ brands to ensure adequate product education, understanding, and knowledge of unique selling points.

Technically skilled Point of Sale (POS) specialist teams implement POS strategies, building everything from cardboard and ad hoc displays to permanent gondola ends and customised stands in steel, glass, and wood. These teams also offer store branding and build new relays.

Technology & Data

With more than 20 years of insight and knowledge in the sales force automation space and the ability to successfully manage working relationships with regions deemed most difficult to manage and succeed in, CA&S has become a trusted partner to many of the largest brands in the world.

MACmobile’s purpose-built and adaptable end-to-end cloud-based FMCG value chain solutions and platforms (technology and data services) are (also currently being used) in 16 countries across the continent.

Furthermore, their mobile automation solutions encompass everything from sales & invoice generation to stock management, settlements, and debtor management, B2B, consumer loyalty and rewards, and integrated mobile payments

Where We Operate

CA&S Group operates in eight southern African countries (, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) with specialist services including warehousing, merchandising, in-store execution, transport and logistics, sales, merchandising, technology, and data services, shopper marketing, in-store execution, brand strategy development, point-of-sale, retail training, as well as select debtor services.

Purpose-built and adaptable end-to-end cloud-based FMCG value chain solutions and platforms (technology and data services) are further provided in 16 countries across the continent.


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