Sustainable infrastructure development

CA&S Group business Logico in Eswatini is building a sustainable future with their investment in a solar power infrastructure that will provide up to 70% of the daytime power required by the business. The investment will translate into a 40% reduction in their power bill, with the ROI being less than five years at current electricity rates. The 330-kW peak grid tie PV system boasts of a 98.7% efficiency.

This comes at a time when Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) has approved a 3% tariff hike by Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) for 1 April 2021. This has been due, partly, to the prevailing economic conditions and the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Logico Managing Director Anthony Geldard comments, “Logico is an adaptive business. Innovation is a core value, and this will inform a future where our risks are constantly managed and we look at new ways of building value”

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